The NUAC Headquerters

Greeting to all the NUAC members. I hope one day to be fighting along side you on a front against Illuminat, Sungods, and Grimoire. My slogan is from the shadows of others we shall rise and conquer. Together we will march up the front door step of every Overlord from here to Pesty, and then the head of the snake himself. Who is with me?
The NUAC Headquerters

Greetings. Please, please come in. The only way you recieve this message is if you are a member of the Shadow Rangers Coven on Thirst of Night. And if you would please, sign into chat while you are in the lair. Thank you

Working together and cordinating. Get a team of 6 to 9 together, If you would permit, I will send one of my Cptns to you to help train your team with the swarm strike. We just left Blood Red, AC2 Overlord, with nothing but a dead gargy in his city, that was a team of six. If we can get the rest of NUAC trained on the swarm strike taticed, then we can set up three or four waves a day of 6 to 9 covens 6 to 9 mbrs strike team. Complete and total seige for as long as we continue to deploy our waves.

January 2019


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The Realms of Kios book series. 

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Need help, I am only one man

I need some volunteers to form a recon squad. If you go to the cords lists catagory and look at Grimoire Members and known cords. You will see a table with a hundred and twenty rows on it. All but 17 have names in them, and even fewer have cords.

To get the names is easy, GRIMOIRE NEVER USES ALLIANCE CHAT. In the last two days just settin there watchin world chat not saying a word, I found all but five of the seventeen names I have posted in their file. That is twelve names. Granted I know that isn't cords, but it is more then nothing. For one, inless you have your watchtower at lvl...

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The Bats have gone against and violated their treaty with the Rangers Directly, they have been removed from the NUAC. All covens, Overlords contact Cptn. Kanu Reacwood for cord list of last known. They will need to be verified and confirmed.
Lydale Sartan

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This is my first book in the series. Unfortunately, I still had to break it into parts. This is the Prelude to chapter six.
Realms Of

Book One
The Mystery
Written By: Xavier Dawordin

Betrayal and Destruction

Long ago in a realm called Liotta, all the humanoid races were forced to flee their home. A man named Vestrel Devlin, once a general in King Zarimec’s army was convicted of betrayal against the king. This betrayal came about when the king, Zarimec Diarwood appointed Farrel Sartan as lord of the second house of Liotta. This brought the human Sartan family into royalty status. Vestrel, a half-elf,...

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This is the rest of book one, chapters 7 to10
Chapter Seven
The War is Over
“Now we may send word to our elders that they may return. After fifteen years, the war is finally over.”
“Yes Malikie, we have indeed defeated Vestrel. The rest of his forces that are left are sailing out of Jacobs now.”
“Do you think they will return to Liotta?”
“I do not know, I do not care, they are no longer in Corsica, and they are no longer destroying our lands.”
“Do you think we have heard the last of Vestrel?”
“I do pray so, now leave so I may write my father.”Malikie leaves to head back to Vita as Larkin begins to prepare...

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Chapters 11 to 14
Chapter Eleven
The Journal
The group arrives in Bravado in the four days Larse promised. When they first get to town, they stable their horses, and since they know they will stay here for a few days at least, Xavier asks the stable master if he can stable the wagon and pack horse as well. The stable master agrees. After taking care of the horses and wagon, the group goes to the tavern and gets meals and rooms. They set at a table and as always talk while they eat. This conversation however is not of the normal type they have.“So, in the morning you will go and find the library?”

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chapters 15 to Preface
Chapter Fifteen
Final Day of Corsica
“Xavier, I don’t understand why Larkin and my father would give you the map, the legend key, and the scroll, and then tell you to leave by the catacombs with Tannin to some unknown by anybody realm. It just don’t make any since.”
“I don’t really understand it either Galbator, but we are all going to do exactly what the king has said. Scouts are reporting that Vita and Carlyle has fallen, the whole Eastern edge of Corsica is under Vestrel’s control. And no one understands why the creatures haven’t attacked Leon or Sorna yet. It is almost as if...

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Lydale Sartan
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