The NUAC Headquerters

Greeting to all the NUAC members. I hope one day to be fighting along side you on a front against Illuminat, Sungods, and Grimoire. My slogan is from the shadows of others we shall rise and conquer. Together we will march up the front door step of every Overlord from here to Pesty, and then the head of the snake himself. Who is with me?
The NUAC Headquerters

Greetings. Please, please come in. The only way you recieve this message is if you are a member of the Shadow Rangers Coven on Thirst of Night. And if you would please, sign into chat while you are in the lair. Thank you

Working together and cordinating. Get a team of 6 to 9 together, If you would permit, I will send one of my Cptns to you to help train your team with the swarm strike. We just left Blood Red, AC2 Overlord, with nothing but a dead gargy in his city, that was a team of six. If we can get the rest of NUAC trained on the swarm strike taticed, then we can set up three or four waves a day of 6 to 9 covens 6 to 9 mbrs strike team. Complete and total seige for as long as we continue to deploy our waves.

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    The Realms of Kios Book one The Mystery of Larna Part 4

    Xavier Micheals

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    The Realms of Kios Book one The Mystery of Larna Part 4

    Post  Xavier Micheals

    Chapter Fifteen
    Final Day of Corsica
    “Xavier, I don’t understand why Larkin and my father would give you the map, the legend key, and the scroll, and then tell you to leave by the catacombs with Tannin to some unknown by anybody realm. It just don’t make any since.”
    “I don’t really understand it either Galbator, but we are all going to do exactly what the king has said. Scouts are reporting that Vita and Carlyle has fallen, the whole Eastern edge of Corsica is under Vestrel’s control. And no one understands why the creatures haven’t attacked Leon or Sorna yet. It is almost as if they are scared to. But it is imminent I am sure.”
    “Then we should go.”
    The group of eight travelers start out of the palace and start heading across the court yard toward the catacomb entrance near the wall. Tannin, Landar, and Duncan are all waiting there. Suddenly with a loud thunderous explosion, a huge fire ball comes over the outer city wall and strikes the front of the palace. “They are here! Get to your battle stations!” Suddenly there are more of the thunderous explosions as two more fire balls hit the palaces inner wall, and two more hit the gates at the north and east entrance both.
    Xavier turns and looks out into the bay, and on the other side of the walls in the bay is twenty battle galleons firing the same kind of projectiles at the bay walls and gate.
    “TANNIN, GO NOW, GET MY SONS AWAY FROM HERE!” The king shouts from one of the archer towers on the palace wall as two more thunderous explosions hit the north gate, a piece of it just barely misses Xavier and Tannin as it shatters into a million pieces. Then two more of the massive fire balls hit the archer tower the king was in as ogre and orcs start flooding into the city walls.
    “MY KING!” Tannin yells when he sees the king’s tower get hit. Xavier pushes him thru the catacomb entrance and barely gets the door shut and a wizard lock with a greater sign of sealing on it as two orcs hit the door.
    “It is too late for him now Tannin. You must go, we all must,” The group of about forty five hundred people make their way deeper and deeper into the catacombs that Alexander had built connecting three points in Corsica. Sorna, Christan, and Argiena. Tannin tells Xavier that they have about nine days to travel to Christan thru the catacombs. Xavier is worried about provisions. Tannin assures him there are store catches about every three days with enough rations for twice the amount of people they have now.
    “We knew this day would come.”
    “What father?”
    “Oh, Solara, now you decided to call me father. It was something the king said the last time I spoke to him. He said they knew this day would come. He knew Vestrel would return. But why, why would Vestrel return after two decades to fight a war he lost the first time?”
    “Maybe he is just a sore loser.”
    “No you pointy eared hum elf moron. It all has to do with the bloodlines. The Diarwood, Sartan, and Devlin blood lines. Well that, and about say five hundred and thirty years of history.”
    “What do you mean Galbator?”
    The Third Child
    “As best as I can remember it went some like this, about ninety two years ago, there was three children born. Two to the same mother, and two to the same father. A human child born to Gregory and Rebeka Sartan, and a elven child born to Arthose and Sorna Diarwood. And then there was the third child, a half elf born to Arthose Diarwood and Rebeka Devlin/Sartan, the third child was born just one year after the first two.
    The third child was given the last name of Devlin and sent to live in an orphanage in Diarwood, Liotta, while the other two boys, Zarimec Diarwood and Farrel Sartan lived in Diarwood with their birth given parents. The third child was Vestrel Devlin.
    Vestrel discovered the secret that he was Zarimec and Farrel’s half brother. He actually had the odasidy to confront his mother and father about it. They told him the truth. Then the day came that a second house was built the Eastern kingdom of Liotta. Vestrel had by then taken his rightful place among the royalty he deserved. He was an excellent student in diplomacy, etiquette, and leader ship.
    He was as loyal as any subject/brother could be. But, Zarimec put Farrel in control of the Eastern Kingdom, this infuriated Vestrel. That is when he took over Liotta causing Alexander, and Tyrene Diarwood, and Richard, and Guinavire Sartan to flee Diarwood and build Corsica. Then, Vestrel was able to track the four royal children to Corsica, and began attacking Corsica slowly to test their defenses. And of course, we know how that went.
    That was when the city of Larna was built and lost. So, now Vestrel is still trying to do what he swore to do all those years ago. Eliminate the Diarwood and Sartan pure blood lines so that the Devlin bloodline can take its rightful place on all the thrones that a Diarwood or Sartan will ever touch. And now, here we are, the children are be forced to flee their home lands History repeating itself.”
    “But if Vestrel is only half elf, how has he lived past his age of ascension . He should have never seen over two hundred eighty.”
    “The amulet of Amara. Arthose gave that to Vestrel at the same time he gave his tri bladed long sword to Zarimec, and his ring of ogre strength to Farrel. Arthose was on his death bed. He gave the Amulet to Vestrel because it gives him eternal life as long as it is on his person and filled with the time sand. If it leaves his person he will die in the matter of hours. If all of the sand is emptied from it, he will die in the matter of minutes.”
    “So if someone was to get it off of him, he would begin to weaken immediately?”
    “Even quicker if it was to be shattered.”
    “Tannin, did any of the scouts ever say were Vestrel was after the attacks began.”
    “One scout that had reported right before we left said he was on that nightmare and leading a band of about thirty thousand urgals, ogre, and orcs toward Sorna. Why”
    “ I must go back, you take the rest of my group with you and get them out of here in case I do fail. But I must go back. Galbator, I am entrusting you with my most prized worldly possession. My daughter, Solara, please keep her safe, and make sure she does kiss that boy Larse. They will always have my blessing.”
    “Father, no, you will die for sure. I will not let you go.”
    “I must Solara. It may be the only chance to save a man’s life.” Xavier pulls away from his daughter and begins to walk away. Solara, Galbator, Noric, Damon and Larse begin to follow him. They all here a “SNAP” and it is if they are glued to the ground.
    “XAVIER, you Pointy eared, camel brained, moronic idiot fool. If I ever get my hands near your neck again I’ll wring it!”
    At that, a voice enters his companion’s heads. “Galbator, I love you too my friend. Solara, please live your life for you not me or anyone else. Noric, remember, more bread before you get on the ship. Terish, shut up, you talk too much. Oh, and you all will be able to move in about, three…. Two….., Pass wall, now.”
    Solara starts running back toward the entrance to the catacombs. Galbator grabs and stops her. “It’s no use, no one can get in or out without that giant fairy buffoon dispelling his own wizard lock and greater sign of sealing. He’s gone.”
    Last Hope
    It is total chaos within the city walls of Sorna. The bay wall has been breached and now ten great battle galleons flying red and black banners lay siege to the south side of the palace walls, while the bombardment continues to the north wall as well. Vestrel comes thru the destroyed wall and much like this day in Liotta, he rides his massive night mare right up the palace steps and thru its front doors. He dismounts and starts ascending up the stairs. He starts taunting Larkin as he gets closer to the throne room.“Oh nephew, come out come out where ever you are.”
    Chuckling he calls out, “You know this is almost the exact same way your grandfather Zarimec died when I took Liotta from him and the retched human Farrel. Too bad none of his grandson’s where as strong will as he was. The easiest to kill was that little blond one in Carlyle. Markeem, was that his name.” Hearing this, Larkin knows that at least two people will carry on the Sartan name. None of the Sartan children were blond headed.
    “Are going to make me come all the way to the throne room like your grandfather did. I mean, suite yourself, but isn’t that just a little cleashey? “Oh if I must die I will die in my throne room, I must protect the throne at all cost” It’s a chair that symbolizes the power you have because you can set in a chair and wear a crown. Yes Larkin the years have made me very, very cynical. This war has gone a little different than the one we had two decades ago” Suddenly from behind Larkin the throne room door fly open. “ There you are nephew, now that the scene is set, would you like me to demonstrate to you the exact way your grandfather Zarimec died. Oh, but I don’t have the tri blade, oh, wait, yes I do.”
    “It’s over Vestrel, I concede. You can have Corsica.”
    “You fool, I haven’t wanted to rule a kingdom in a long time now. I just want the Diarwood and Sartan bloodlines to cease to exist. It’s all about revenge now.”
    “Then here, the king drops to his knees, leans forward and removes his helm exposing his neck. Take my head and be done with the Diarwoods as you are the Sartans. I am the last.”
    “Nice try, Alexander had two sons, you and Erimic, and Richard had four. Now, I have only killed three of Richard’s sons, and you will only be one of your fathers. Now, where is Erimic and young Lydale?”
    “They wanted to go abroad some months ago. They left together on a merchant ship for Cascara, far to the north. The ship they was on fell mercy to pirates and was sank in the Catalina Ocean. They were never found. The letter I received from one of the other merchant captains that witnessed the wreckage is there on the arm rest of my throne.”
    Laughing loudly, “ I love it when I have to do nothing. So you truly are the last. How wonderful, finally sweet revenge is mine. I need not read a letter, but I will take your head boy.”
    Vestrel brings the sword above his head with a fixed aim on Larkin’s neck. “SHATTER!” Xavier’s voice as he casts his spell comes from the door way of the throne room. Suddenly, the back of Larkin’s head is covered in sand, and Vestrel falls to his knees.
    “NO, this cannot happen……I was so close to my final revenge.”
    “No Vestrel, I am not the last. My sons are on the way to their uncle in the middle Realm as we speak. And none of Richard’s sons was blond, Markeem is also on his way to the middle Realm”
    As Vestrel’s appearance goes from a middle aged half elven man to more of a corpse type appearance, he breaths a last deep breath and with it he says, “I shall return”
    With Vestrel dead, the control over the creatures he held is gone, now the ogres and orcs begin fighting and killing each other as the mortal enemies they are. The urgals are on their own fighting the Sornian militia. The urgals were only the generals and are a much less number then the orcs and ogres. The urgals are doing more of a retreat then an offensive front.
    “Larkin, it’s over. Vestrel is dead.”
    “Thank you Xavier, thank you for not following my order to leave. How did you know how to defeat him.”
    “Galbator had one more story I had never heard that he told while I was in the catacombs with them.”
    “I am glad that you stopped him, and that he didn’t read the letter on the arm rest of the throne.”
    “Oh, what is the letter?”
    Larkin picks up the letter and hands it to Xavier who unfolds it and reads.

    Dear Erimic,
    If you are reading this letter, Sorna has not fallen. When you are done exploring the middle realm, it is safe to return home. My sons should have already arrived with Tannin. Please watch over them until your return home.
    We fought a hard battle and again have been victorious. Vestrel is dead and will never again attempt to destroy our bloodline.
    Nartok speed home my brother.
    Larkin A Diarwood
    “Larkin, if this is the letter that is here, then what letter does Tannin have with him.”
    Larkin get to his feet, and reads the letter Xavier just did. “He is suppose to have taken this one.”
    “If I had not come back, how would you have been able to send this one from beyond the grave.”
    “Because,” As he speaks, he reveals his secret. In the gauntlet on his right arm, a fifteen inch double edge blade shoots out. “I had it covered.”
    “Then what does the letter Tannin has with him say?”
    Larkin recites the letter from memory.

    Dear Erimic,
    If you are reading this letter, our city of Sorna is lost. You must never use the name of Diarwood. Vestrel will kill you because of it. You can never return to Corsica, or Liotta.
    Tannin has brought with him my sons. They are now your sons. Take a different name, and give it to them as well. None of you must ever speak of Corsica or you family ties to this realm.
    It was an honor to have you as a little brother. I will tell mother and father you send their love.
    May Nartok be with you in all your years to come.
    Larkin A Diarwood

    “Tannin is suppose to attempt to get message to me when he reaches the middle realm.”
    “Can’t we get word to him in Christan?”
    “There is no way other then the catacombs to get to the ships hidden there. And there is no above ground entrance to the catacombs in Christan. We have the only above ground entrance.”
    “And they were moving fast enough we would never catch them. And without Tannin or Erimic, no one can pass thru them. The two of them are who placed and set the traps and map them. Without them anyone would surely die. We will just have to wait for the message from Tannin and the middle Realm.”

    The end

    “So do you think he bought it?”
    “Of course he did Lydale, besides if I hadn’t acted that way he would have thought I was happy to finally be getting out of the place I have felt trapped in for thirty years now. And I couldn’t let him know I was actually excited to leave.”
    “True, he would have been broken hearted if he thought you wanted to leave.”
    The two young friends and acquired cousins stand at the stern of the ship. Erimic stares up at the window in the throne room he knows his brother is watching from.
    “May Nartok be with you brother.”

    Book two, The Rebirth of Bigaria
    Coming soon!

    The time is near to destroy all enemies of the coven
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