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Greeting to all the NUAC members. I hope one day to be fighting along side you on a front against Illuminat, Sungods, and Grimoire. My slogan is from the shadows of others we shall rise and conquer. Together we will march up the front door step of every Overlord from here to Pesty, and then the head of the snake himself. Who is with me?
The NUAC Headquerters

Greetings. Please, please come in. The only way you recieve this message is if you are a member of the Shadow Rangers Coven on Thirst of Night. And if you would please, sign into chat while you are in the lair. Thank you

Working together and cordinating. Get a team of 6 to 9 together, If you would permit, I will send one of my Cptns to you to help train your team with the swarm strike. We just left Blood Red, AC2 Overlord, with nothing but a dead gargy in his city, that was a team of six. If we can get the rest of NUAC trained on the swarm strike taticed, then we can set up three or four waves a day of 6 to 9 covens 6 to 9 mbrs strike team. Complete and total seige for as long as we continue to deploy our waves.

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    The Realms of Kios Book one The Mystery of Larna Part 1

    Xavier Micheals

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    The Realms of Kios Book one The Mystery of Larna Part 1

    Post  Xavier Micheals

    Realms Of

    Book One
    The Mystery
    Written By: Xavier Dawordin

    Betrayal and Destruction

    Long ago in a realm called Liotta, all the humanoid races were forced to flee their home. A man named Vestrel Devlin, once a general in King Zarimec’s army was convicted of betrayal against the king. This betrayal came about when the king, Zarimec Diarwood appointed Farrel Sartan as lord of the second house of Liotta. This brought the human Sartan family into royalty status. Vestrel, a half-elf, felt that this gave the human race power over a land that was prominently an elven and half-elf realm. Vestrel began to spread horrible rumors about the king thru the lands of Liotta. A revolt was on the rise before Zarimec was able to rebuttal any of Vestrel’s claims. But with the help of Farrel, the citizens of Liotta listened to reason. This infuriated Vestrel even more.
    Once convicted of this betrayal, Vestrel prayed for mercy from the king to spare his life. The king did indeed show mercy on his life, but he was banished to the outer regions of Liotta. By having the king banish him Vestrel was able buy himself time to complete his studies of the spell, summon creature.
    He left the city, and went past the forest on the Eastern edge of Liotta where he cast Olantins cloaked hut. Here he began his studies of the many spells he wants or needs to carry out his plan of revenge.
    Thirty years pass, time in which Zarimec has had two sons, Alexander 27 and Tyrene 19. Farrel has had a son and a daughter, Richard 27, and Guinavire 18. The two kings are getting older, and have arrears to their thrones. Vestrel knows his time is growing short. He has reached a level of power that his summon creature spell will allow him to control fifty thousand creatures he also knows that number is greater than both kings armies put together.
    He has made his plan to attack on the most important day of Zarimec, Farrel’s lives. He now prepares his creature army for battle. The mixed races that would normally kill each other off have been making united raids on villages and farms for the last three months. It is time Vestrel let the two clans’ leaders in on why he has brought them all together. He now lets them know that on the third morning of Contra, they declare war against the kingdoms of Liotta.

    Chapter 0ne
    What do we stand to Gain
    From This War?
    “What do we stand to gain from this war Vestrel?”The leader of the twenty five thousand Ogres asks.
    “I want the Western lands! Everything west of the Galantra Gorge, I want, as mine to rule as I see fit, “Exclaims the leader of the twenty five thousand Orcs.
    “In due time, we all will reap the rewards of destroying the ones who have betrayed my loyalty. Once we have control of all Liotta, we will decide who gains what! We launch our attack at dawn in three days. We will take Sartan first! We will have to strike quickly, and attempt to keep anyone from escaping to get word to Diarwood.”
    “Our forces are much stronger than theirs, so why should we worry about word getting to Diarwood?”
    “Because of Arzeenia you fool! Diarwoods greatest defense is the magic that witch possesses, if word of Sartan reaches her even a day before we reach Diarwood, our efforts to attack will be pointless. We attack the third morning of the Contra.”
    “So be it Vestrel. We will be ready.”
    “My orcs are ready to attack now. We want the blood of the humanoids to decorate our shields and armor!”
    “To the new Liotta we will build. Now drink your wine, and retire for the night.”
    Little do the ogre and orc leaders know that in their cup of wine is a potion. Even though he has reached a level high enough to control so many creatures at once, the effects of his spell are limited. He developed this potion in the first two months of having the creatures under his control. Nightly he gives out wine to all his creature warriors containing his potion. This will allow him to continue to control the creatures until he finds another manner of doing so, or he is ready to release them from their servitude to him.
    Sartan Falls
    “Good morning Maryella, shall we go to the dining hall for some breakfast?”
    “Oh Farrel, can’t we stay in bed for the day. The moons are almost conceded, the children are half a realm away, and there haven’t been any village raids or farm burnings in two days now. I want to spend the day with my husband, in bed. It is the day of your birth after all. Doesn’t the king of the eastern region get to take one day off?”
    “Well, I suppose I could take one day off. Let me go and check with the man at arms for the morning report, just to be sure that all is still quite. Then I will come and join you for a lazy day of slumber.”
    “Slumber, I don’t remember saying anything about sleeping my lord.” Maryella says with a conniving grin and a little giggle.
    “Yes, well, I will return shortly.” Farrel hurries out the bed chamber door to find the man at arms for the morning reports. Little does he know what is about to transpire.
    “Are the catapults set and ready”
    “They are Vestrel. And on the edge of the mountains like we are, we cannot be seen, and the range is perfect to hit the palace itself with the ammunition.”
    “Very well, we will launch the catapults when the sun breaks the horizon. Then by tonight when the moons fully concede we will dine in the dining hall of Sartan on Farrel’s own birthday meal.”
    “I will ready the men.” The orc general turns and starts down the mountain trail to where the garrisoned creatures are. Vestrel takes out a signal mirror and with a flame from his Wardens Candle that dances in his palm he messages the ogre general that is laying in wait for the catapults to begin their bombardment. Vestrel receives the message back from the blood thirsty general. They are set and ready for the command to attack. The sun reaches the point of almost breaking the horizon, the outlines of the horizon and the sun are aligned. Vestrel raises his hand. Twenty thousand archers ready their bows completely surrounding the palace of Sartan.
    “So is all still quite in the region Nelson?”
    “Yes sire, it is almost as if the creatures have just disappeared. No village raids, no more farms burn, nothing my lord.”
    “Yes, very well then, if I am needed I will be in my chambers. It would seem the Queen would like to give me the day off for my birthday. So if I am needed, hopefully I won’t be needed, that is where I can be found.”
    “Very well sire.” Farrel turns to return to his chambers where his loving wife awaits. As he walks he thinks back on all of his years he has been alive. He thinks back to the days he was simply courting Maryella. Then the days of the great war he had been in. As the king gets to the hall and approaches the door to his bed chambers, the wall explodes into the hallway in front of him as a flaming ball of oil soaked, cloth wrapped, rock flies thru the palace wall. The explosion takes the king to the ground. He gets to his feet and begins to run toward the bed chamber doors, when he realizes it was the wall to his bed chambers that exploded into the hall. “Maryella, guards get water up here now! We need to save the queen!”
    “Sire, we are under attack. There are arrows and catapult ammunition coming from all directions sire. What do we do?”
    As the sun breaks the horizon, Vestrel drops his arm. A barrage of arrows whistles thru the air striking the guards on the cat walk killing all of the centuries. Four of the catapults that are positioned lower on the mountain side and the coast send massive boulders wrapped in cloth, soaked with Greek fire, and lit on fire before they are launched strikes the guard towers at the corners of the palace walls. Twelve more hit the walls themselves from all directions. And another eight hit the palace with two hitting each side of the palace, on the top floor. Which is where the personal chambers of the king and queen, the palace mage, and the children are located.
    Then a second round of arrows whistle thru the air striking men, women, and children as they flee the palace and the commons areas around the palace between the city walls and the palace walls. The city guards and military have sealed the city gates and will not allow anyone in or out, as farmers run to the city gates to seek protection inside the walls.
    “I guess we now know why they have not been raiding villages or burning farms. I want every man to take arms. Get the archers on the walls. Ready the catapults and ballistaes, we will not take this laying down! I will be in my throne room.”
    “Yes sire” The man at arms turns to order his men to do as the king has ordered. Nelson knows that from the number of arrows he has seen fall out of the sky, Sartan is massively out numbered. They had a military of nine thousand at last count. The hope of reinforcement is destroyed as long as that many archers plaque the mountains.
    The throne room in Sartan palace is on the third floor of the palace, built in the middle with halls and guest rooms, guard quarters, council rooms, studies, and libraries on the opposite side of the hall from it. It only has one visible way in or out. It is completely sealed and protected by the rest of the palace around it. With each blast of the catapults, more and more of the walls along the outside of the palace crumble. The barrages of catapult fire and archers continue for the whole day and well into the night. Sometime shortly after the stroke of midnight, as the moons fully concede, it stops. “Nelson, how much longer can we hold?”
    “Maybe another day Sire. We are down to barely a thousand men. The majority of the catapults lay destroyed in the court yard, and we have two ballistae remaining on the wall. The palace walls are all but laid to waist I can only imagine the city walls will be next. It is practically the only defense we have left.”
    “While we are in the cover of darkness, and the battle has stopped for the moment, have a pigeon take this to Maleek. Birds seem to be the only thing they aren’t shooting at. It is a message telling my children to not return home. They will not have one to return to.”
    “Yes sire, I will also have the men form ranks to either side of the city gates. There is no since in not fighting to the last moment. I think it would be a more honorable death.” The man at arms turns and leaves the throne room to carry out his somber tasks. The king sets on his throne and stares at the empty seat next to him where his loving wife used to set. The king ends up falling asleep there.
    The king is waked by an echoing thud coming from the front gate into the city. He gets to his feet and heads out to the hall that now has a court yard view. “Nelson, what is that thudding?”
    “They have started battering the front gate sire. They will be thru it within the hour,” Nelson reports. The king looks at the ruins of his city, and palace. Catapult fire begins again, this time focused on the city walls. The king knows it will not be long before this creature army that has laid siege to his city for the last two days will be inside his walls. He returns to his throne room to put on his armor. “If they are going to take my city, and kill me, I will die defending my throne.”
    Half an hour passes when the king hears Nelson order the men to the north wall. A group of five catapults have accurately hit the same closely cluster five spots in succession. The wall has fallen. All the catapult fire stops, and the creatures start flooding into the wall from the north. The thudding on the gate continues to echo thru the city. “We have breached the north wall Vestrel.”
    “Good, and the main gate.”
    “Buckling more and more with every blow, should break thru in just a few more minutes.”
    Vestrel mounts his night mare, a huge large war horse with elven chain mail barding covering every inch of her body except for ten inches above her hooves. “Tell all of your men to leave the mountains and go into the city. No one is to touch the king, he is mine.”
    “Yes Vestrel, as you order.” Vestrel takes off down into the mountain pass to the city walls. He watches as the creatures on the battering ram cause the huge wooden gates to buckle and turn to splinters. They step aside while he enters thru the gate. “Farrel, I told you I would have my revenge. That is what I have come for, your head.” Vestrel is yelling these words as he enters the thru the gates.
    He rides his night mare to the steps of the palace and dismounts. “I would knock Farrel, but it would appear someone left the door, well, lying on the ground.” Vestrel laughs as he walks across a palace door that was been unhinged when the outside wall of the palace was taken out by a catapult. “I have to admit, this was a very smart design for a palace. Build a huge inner palace make the halls extra wide, and then put more rooms on the outer rim. Ingénues really, not sure I would have thought of it. I have been watching your city fall from the mountains. So I know this inner sanctum only reaches to the third floor. So, I guess I will start going up.” Vestrel starts climbing the stair well that leads to the upper level. He reaches the third level, what is left of it, and finds the only doors to the inner sanctum.
    “Awe, this must be the throne room.” Vestrel pushes open the doors to the throne room and there is Farrel in full armor standing in front of his throne. “Hello old friend, it seems to be a good day to die doesn’t it?”
    “Yes, I can think of no better day to watch you die Vestrel. Zarimec should have never let you live to begin with. He should have taken your head himself that day.”
    “Now, is that how you really feel? I have never done anything to you for you to have that feeling toward me. Oh, wait, I guess I have. I have killed your wife, destroyed your city. I would hate me too.” Vestrel laughs as he says these words.
    “And you betrayed your king Vestrel. That is enough for me to feel hatred for you and nothing more, nothing less.”
    “Well then Farrel, if that is how you truly feel, maybe you should kill me now.”
    “Gladly!” Farrel charges Vestrel with broad sword in hand. He makes a downward striking blow and meets one of Vestrel’s scimitars in mid air. With his second scimitar, he runs it thru Farrel’s torso in one of the armor chinks, he lets go of the sword as it hangs out of Farrel and with his other scimitar spins around Farrel to stand behind the king that has fallen to his knees.
    Vestrel places the sword against Farrel’s throat just below the edams apple. He leans down to Farrel’s ear, “There is one thing you still have never learned brother, patients, you must have patients. You always have just charged into things before you took time to let the events play them self out. And now look at where it has gotten you. Mother would be so disappointed.” At this Vestrel slices half way thru the king’s throat causing his head to hang backwards off of his shoulders.
    Vestrel returns to the court yard and summons his generals. The ogre and orc general stand in front of him on his night mare. “You called master.”
    “Bring me the man at arms, Nelson. I want him for breeding with the orcgre we have bread. Then have your armies form ranks outside of the city walls, we march to Diarwood in the morning. By this time on the tenth day after the final day of Contra, Liotta will be ours, and I will have my revenge on my brothers.”
    “Yes master, as you command.”

    Chapter Two
    Two weeks before Contra
    The conceding of the moons
    “I do not understand why you and your sister must be part of this expedition Richard? Our generals are more than capable of finding another site for settlement.”
    “Mother, this next settlement is for me or Guinavire we feel we should have some say as to where it is.”
    “Are you ready brother? General Roran and his men have all the supplies ready and are waiting on us.”
    “Just be careful Richard, and watch over your sister.”
    “Maryella, you worry too much. I trust Richard to watch his sister, and Roran will let no harm come to our children. Now son, take care, and bring back word of a wondrous site for us to put a second royal city.”
    “Yes father, I will do just that.”
    As the brother and sister walk down the hall they talk.“Still trying to get us to change our mind is she?”
    “More like trying to get me to change your mind little sister.”
    “Not a chance brother.” As the siblings leave the castle walls they are accompanied by General Roran and fifteen hundred of Sartan’s best soldiers. They head south with their minds set on a few possible locations to build a second house of Sartan.

    Back to Back
    Meanwhile two brothers are riding from Diarwood to Maleek with the intentions to discuss the trading of goods with merchants and recruiting young men into the Diarwood army.“So little brother, are you sure you are ready for diplomatic discussions?”
    “I believe so brother, at least as ready as you are to convince young men to join the ranks of Diarwood.”
    “With the recent raids of orcs and ogres happening, convincing those young men may prove to be more difficult than it sounds.”
    “I’m sure you will get some with no problems brother. You have always been a good motivational speaker.”Chuckling the boys cross the bridge over Galantra Gorge. They get a few hundred feet past the bridge and suddenly a flight arrow whizzes past Alexander’s head and hits a nearby tree.
    The brothers both do a sideways dismount from their horses. They hit the ground with long swords drawn and ready. “Back to back brother. And call your kills.”
    “To Diarwood!” At this three orcs charge out of the tall plains grass from the side of the road, One with a battle axe, and two with scimitars.
    The one with the battle axe charges directly at the brothers who have placed their backs together. Alexander begins to pivot, Tyrene follows the movement as though he began it. Tyrene ducks slightly and catches the orc crossed the center of his Torso, and as the two brothers spin completely around, Alexander swings downward from above his head with one sword striking the back of the orcs neck removing the creatures head and the other sword removing the leg from just below the knee. “That counts as one for both of us!”
    “I took his head, that one was mine.” Tryene blocks a blow from one of the other two orcs scimitar and immediately places his long swords in the shape of an X on either side of the creatures head and with one quick motion takes a second head. “That was all me big brother!”
    Alexander runs the third orc thru with one blade while removing the wielding arm with the other. “Two me, one you!”
    “One and a half both of …..”
    “Behind you!”Tyrene ducks as Alexander thrust his blades thru the center of the creature’s chest. Tyrene makes an upward thrust into the groin sending the tip of his long sword out thru the orc’s throat.
    The brothers stand back to back and scan the sides of the road as they turn in a circle. “Was that it, only four? Must have just been a scouting party.
    Bad day for them, “Nothing to report except for the fact I have a killer neck pain”” Alexander jests.
    The brothers whistle a quick chirp type of sound, and their mounts come running from the opposite direction as the orcs. They remount and continue the ride to Maleek. The two siblings continue to argue about the kill count of the orcs
    Even though they both know with the two combo kills the count is even at two each.
    Chance Meeting
    After Eleven days of long and hard travel Alexander and Tyrene reach Maleek. They look forward to a hot meal and ale but to their dismay there is no time to rest for they have business to attend to. So Tyrene heads straight to the town hall to meet with the local merchants.
    With this in mind Alexander takes a look around and spots the local tavern and heads that way. With the thought of accomplishing both, he walks into the run down shack and the sight that he sees lets him know he went in the right direction.
    The tavern appears to be at its limit with drunken men. In one corner they are arm wrestling, while in the opposite there a men flirting with bar maids, and many who have drank their limit of Ale and passed out.
    Alexander decides to find a table and set up his make shift recruiting booth and get himself a hot meal along with an ale. Evening is setting in as two familiar faces come thru the door of the tavern.“Hello Richard, what brings you and your sister so far from home?”
    “Hello Alex, how nice to see you. We are looking at possible locations for a second house of Sartan. Are you here alone?”
    “No, Tyrene is in a trade meeting. I expect his return anytime now. I’ve been here getting ready to start some recruiting.”
    “We are going to survey the plains on the coast between Athens and Morgan’s Landing, we will be back this way in about eight days .”
    A shout comes from the direction of the door, “Guinavire!”
    Hearing the familiar voice, Guinavire turns toward the direction of the shout with a gleaming smile . “Hello Tyrene, how goes it?”
    “Better now I would have to say.”
    “Rough discussion of trade brother?”
    “Yes, it was very trying.” He looks at Guinavire as he speaks.
    The four friends talk well into the night. They finally retire for the night with plans of dining together in the morning. The four friends awake rested and meet at the breakfast table as planned the night before.“I wish we could stay longer, but we must get to the future site of Vita.”
    “It’s only Vita if father decides to put you in the governor’s chair little sister, otherwise it is Carlyle.”
    Tyrene chuckles, “I see this is an argument that has obviously been going on for some time.”
    “As it will continue till father decides who to put in the Governor’s chair.” Guinavire growls in her brother’s direction.
    “We may still be here when you come back thru.”
    “We will brother, final decisions on trade with the impossible dwarf in Cascara will not be decided for another ten days.” Tyrene says as he rolls his eyes.
    “Very well, we will see you in a week. Good luck with the recruiting, and with the trade talks.”
    As the four friends part ways Tyrene joins his brother at the make shift recruiting booth. After a bit, Tyrene decides to get something for them from the bar. Tyrene hears a couple of the other patrons, who has just arrived, talking. They are fur traders and were discussing some strange sighting they made close to a week prior while checking their traps in the mountains near Elven Wood.“I have never seen such a thing. Normally a group of orcs come within eye site of a group of ogres, and they fight to the last one standing. But they seem to be target practicing with each other.”
    “Yes, not on each other.” Tyrene thinks this is odd indeed, but doesn’t think too much about it. He hears no more talk of it for the rest of the time they are in Maleek.
    Four days pass after the day Tyrene over heard the trappers talking. A messenger comes to the tavern from the messenger center in Maleek. “Has anyone seen the lord and lady Sartan?”
    “I know they will be returning within the next four days. What is your urgency?”
    “Lord Diarwood, I have just received a message from King Farrel by way of pigeon. Sartan is under siege by a massive army of orcs and ogres.”
    “When did this begin?”
    “The message does not say. It only tells the lord and lady Sartan to not return.”
    “Let me see this message.

    My son, keep you and your sister far from here. Do not return home. Vestrel has brought a massive army of orcs and ogres to the walls of Sartan. I know not how much longer we can hold them out. I am certain when Sartan falls, Vestrel will take his creature army south to Diarwood to get the rest of his revenge on us. You must get word to King Zarimec then, I want you to take your sister to Sea Reach. Merchants say there is a realm to the west that is uninhabited. Take as many people as you can and leave Liotta. Nartok’s speed
    “What is your name boy?”
    “Eric my lord.”
    “Eric, I am going to scribe a message to be sent to my father, the king. Send it by pigeon without haste. My brother and I will get this message to Richard Sartan. Go now Eric.”
    Alexander scribes the message on the back of a recruiting form as he speaks. Let’s ride little brother. We have no time to waste.”
    “How do we know where to find them Alex?”
    “Richard told me where they were going. We must go now. Vestrel’s forces could already be heading to Diarwood.
    The two brothers ride hard for two days along the road leading from Maleek to Morgan’s Landing. Alexander spots Guinavire first. “Guinavire, where is Richard?”
    “I am here Alex, what is the matter? I thought we would see you back in Maleek.”
    “Yes, well, this message came two days ago for you to Maleek.”
    “More than likely mother still being concerned, no doubt.”
    “I fear not Guinavire” Tyrene tells her.
    After reading the message, Richard orders Roran to take his men and return to Sartan at once. Then the four friends take out cross country for Diarwood. Going cross country, and riding hard, they should make it in eight days.
    Chapter Three
    Escape From Liotta
    “I received your message Alex. I must concur with Farrel. The four of you must leave Liotta. Our scouts say the invaders will be here with in four, maybe three days.”
    “Father, we wish to stay, and fight for our home.”
    “Alexander Diarwood, you will take your brother, the Sartans, and the citizens of Diarwood thru the catacombs to Sea Reach and leave Liotta. If Vestrel’s forces were too great for Ferral to overcome, we can only pray that your mother’s wall of force is strong enough to keep Vestrel from dispelling it. If it falls, so will Diarwood. Then Vestrel will have control of all Liotta. The four of you must go so that our legacy may continue. No more argument. Go now.”
    “As you wish father,” Approximately forty five hundred people in all travel thru the catacombs that lead to the north of Liotta. Sea Reach is a coastal city that large merchant ships sail from to export goods to Dikiny, an inhabited realm far to the North West. Between Liotta and Dikiny is a realm hardly explored. This is where the four royal children plan to take their group. There are fifteen ships in all that carry the refugees away from Liotta. Alexander looks back, “May Nartok be with you father.”
    The King Falls
    Back in Diarwood, Vestrel’s army breaks through the walls of the palace court yard. Orcs and ogres begin to flood in by the hundreds. A massive solid black heavy nightmare comes to the steps and thru the door of the palace. Vestrel dismounts and runs up the stairs leading to the throne room. The king is staring out a window at the carnage below as the throne room doors fly open and slam behind Vestrel. The sounds of the royal guard beating on the door attempting to open it echo thru the throne room.“Zarimec, how nice to see you again dear old friend, how long has it been? Thirty, thirty NINE YEARS!”
    “Vestrel, wait….please.”
    “Did you truly believe I would just go and live my life to ascension in the out skirts of this realm? Honestly?”
    “Vestrel, I ask of you now the same you asked of me.” The king on his knees as he offers his plea. With a throated chuckle, Vestrel speaks, “Ah, still the soft hearted, coward you were when we were but boys.”
    Vestrel walks across the room and kicks Zarimec's sword that is resting against the throne over to the king. As it slides across the room, Vestrel sits in the throne.“Ah, now this is nice! Tell me why Farrel’s was not? No matter, this is where I truly belong.”
    “Vestrel, your time would have come!”
    “Really brother? When...When I was three hundred fifty years old? I am only half-elven, remember. I am lucky to see the two hundred years I have. If not for the only thing I ever received from our adulterous father, I would have perished before I saw your sons born.” Vestrel reaches out his hand toward Zarimec who begins to be lifted to his feet by an invisible force. “Vestrel, please,” The king continues to plea.
    “Oh calm down brother. If I wanted to kill you with magic, I could have done so years ago. Besides, where would be the sport in that?” At this, Zarimec’s sword begins to raise hilt first toward the king.
    “I will not fight you Vestrel!” The sword begins to pivot so the tip is pointed at the king’s throat. “Very well, at least I can say I still ran you thru with your own precious tri blade of Malice. Now, let’s see, where did grandfather have that trigger, ah yes, the diamond. I always wandered…..”
    “Fine, to your feet Vestrel, let’s be done with this.”
    “I thought you would see things my way. You know, the tragic part is, I never did let poor Farrel in on the secret of what a whore his mother was. Of course, I mean the whore your father had us by. Shame really, but that is one more family legacy gone.”
    “You are wrong Vestrel. The Sartan Legacy does live on. How about a friendly wager, you used to love them so brother. I will tell you how that is so, if you best me.”
    “Dead men do not speak!”
    “ So let me die Slowly, I will tell you as I die.”
    “You have a wager brother.”
    Vestrel jumps to his feet wielding two long swords. The king takes a position and readies himself for combat. With the clang of steel against steel, the fight begins. At first, Zarimec uses all the same offensive attacks he did as a child against Vestrel. He has him completely set for the final killing blow. Zarimec makes two strong upward sweeps which causes Vestrel’s swords to go upward and outward all at once, and in one fluent movement, Zarimec begins an upward thrust aimed for the weak spot of the armor in the groin.“Not this time brother!”
    Nearly simultaneously, both of Vestrel’s blades strike the side of Zarimec’s sword. The blow is enough to send the king stumbling back into the wooden door of the throne room and his sword into the air. Vestrel is quick enough in his movements to sheath one of his swords and catch Zarimec’s as it falls back to the floor. Suddenly, two blade shaped projectiles nearly miss the king as they fly under his arms penning his cloak to the door. Vestrel walks toward the king grinning. “ Now I like that. So do they just slide back into place and reset….. Oh, I’ll figure it out!”
    Vestrel takes the remaining third blade, serrated on one edge, with tear shaped weep holes the entire four foot of the blade and uses the exact same killing thrust Zarimec attempted. As the king begins to bleed from the corner of his mouth, the kings speaks two words, “Farrel’s Children”
    A Realm Unknown
    Seventeen days after leaving Liotta, the unknown realm comes into view. The four children decide to sail to the south west corner to put in. The captain of the merchant vessel they have been on has said something about a type of practically land locked bay with a large valley in a mountain range. They sail another twenty days before they come to two islands that have a small passage between them, and then the valley of the main land is just past the islands.“ This is what we merchants have come to call Slumber Bay.”
    “Very well, put in here, and we will see what we can see.”
    The four royals stand on the beach of the main land that stands between the mountains surrounding the valley. They decide that this valley will be Alexander’s city. And since Alexander is the oldest and first in line for the throne, he will be king of Corsica. This realm named after the merchant ship that brought them here.
    Construction of Sorna, named for a woman Alexander had fancied from his youth, began shortly after they arrived. One of the engineers in charge of the construction informed Alexander the mountains were methral. Alexander at once ordered the palace and city walls to be constructed from the methral material. He further ordered a gate placed to the north and east of the valley to allow access to the rest of the main land.
    The city walls were to be pressed against the mountains and extend across the water to each of the islands off the shore, and a gate it to be placed in the water passage between the islands. As they mined thru the mountains, the material was used to construct all that Alexander had requested. Sorna was built in six years.
    The gate to the north was the first to be constructed. A bridge was built across the river that was on the opposite side of the mountains. The people who came to this new realm started venturing out of the city of Sorna and establishing villages and farms on the west side of the river that ran down from the mountains that ran far to the north. Four villages were established within six months named St. Andreys, Thai, Jacobs, and Harris.
    A group of Dwarf settlers came. They heard of the great methral mountains. This was the first financial gain for the new king. He sold the mineral rights to the Dwarven leader Horst for two hundred, fifty thousand platinum. An agreement was also made between Tyrene and Horst that an export tax of fifty gold pieces would be collected for every shipment of methral that would leave Corsica. The dwarves establish a mountain city name Lemond.
    By this time, the eastern gate, and a bridge from Sorna had been constructed. The villages Ferdona, Eldorado, Carns, Lardain, and Argintine had been established why the dwarfs established the mining city of Lemond. Corsica was growing nicely. Within ten years ten years of the first settlement, St. Andreys, there were a total of 35 villages. There are also four houses established, Sorna, Leon, Carlyle, and Vita. Tyrene oversees Leon, Richard oversees Carlyle, and Guinavire oversees Vita.
    Alexander and Richard both take wives. Alexander at age thirty seven, marries Larna Ardain. An elven immigrant from Dikiny, they have two sons, Larkin and Erimic. Richard takes a wife at age thirty seven, named Arya Miller. A refugee from where he once called home. They had four sons, Malikie, Andrew, Markeem, and Lydale.
    Even though there are men and women of all races migrating to Corsica by the hundreds weekly, Guinavire now age twenty eight and Tyrene now age twenty nine never marry, and never produce offspring of their own. Many men try and win over Guinavire’s heart, and women flock to Leon to see the strikingly handsome Tyrene, none are good enough for these two to take as a spouse.
    Richard wanders why his sister never seems to even attempt to find a suitor to set next to her in her thrown room. She avoids the question every time it is asked. Alexander on the other hand, he knows why Guinavire and his little brother never take a spouse. He is bound by brother hood to never reveal what he knows. Not even to his lifelong friend Richard. It is a secret Alexander will take to his grave.

    Chapter Four
    Star Crossed
    Fifteen years in the past.
    “ I Tyrene Diarwood, pledge my undying love and lifelong devotion to you Guinavire Sartan. With this pledge, I promise to never love or marry any other woman as long as I live.”
    “ I Guinavire Sartan, pledge my undying love and lifelong devotion to you Tyrene Diarwood. With this pledge I promise no other man will take my hand in marriage, nor will I bare any man’s child as long as I live.”
    “ You know we will never be allowed to marry Guiny. Even though our fathers are friends, they will never allow it.”
    “ I know Ty, but I will stand by and live by my pledge. I will love no other then you. If that means I must live to my last day alone, so be it.”
    “ I too will live by and stand by my pledge Guiny. Even after our fathers are gone, we cannot disrespect them. They are so close as friends they are brothers.”
    “ And that is where the problem lies. We must never let anyone know of our pledge, or of our true feelings for one another Ty. Not even our brothers must know.”
    “Agreed my love.
    An Annual Affair
    This pledge took place when Tyrene was the age of fourteen, and Guinavire was the age of thirteen. The four children and their parents are on a routine annual camping trip. This year it is at Lake Mara
    The two star crossed lovers come to Lake Mara every year on the anniversary of their pledge. They push the relations to the very edge, but never too far. If Guinavire was to ever become with child, their secret would be revealed, and it would surely destroy the bond that ties their families together. This meeting has taken place for four years by this time.
    One summer, Alexander becomes curious as to where his brother went for close to a month. He followed Tyrene. He witnessed everything that took place for two days following his arrival at Lake Mara. He stayed out of site, and distant from the lovers. Then he stayed close behind his brother on the return trip home.
    Four days into the journey home, Alexander lets his brother know he is following him.“So now I see what has taken you away for a month every year for the last four years.
    “ Alex, what have you seen?”
    “ Calm down baby brother. Your secret is safe with me. I understand why the two of you keep it a secret as well.”
    “ So you swear Alex, you will never speak a word of this to anyone, not even Richard.”
    “I swear it little brother. I will take your secret to the grave. But I must ask little brother, what do you see in a human that can make you love her so?”
    “What do you see in Sorna that makes you love her so? The difference between you and I is that I will actually show it. At least to Guiny, I mean Guinavire.”
    “Guiny, that is cute little brother. A pet name for her.”
    “Shut up Alex, Just remember your promise.”And that, Alexander does, he takes the secret to the grave. Tyrene and Guinavire continue to have their yearly meeting at Lake Mara until they are forced to leave Liotta. And once they get to Corsica, for the first few years, they have their meeting on one of the islands in the bay. Once Vita is established, they move their meeting to Lake Nelson. They both stand by and live by their pledge until their last living day.

    Chapter Five
    The Plan
    Alexander becomes concerned when he starts hearing stories of orcs, ogres, and a strange unknown race raiding farms and villages along the coast of Corsica. This has been accruing for the last few months, and memories of the exact same kind of thing happening from twenty years in his past haunt him. He calls a council of the four houses.“If the three of you remember, this is how things began in Liotta. And it was Vestrel’s way of training the races to work together”
    “ Surely, he is not behind this. He has all he wanted brother.”
    “ I’m sure he knows by now the four of us escaped all those years ago Tyrene.”
    “ Yes, but attempting to find us, and take Corsica?”
    “ Richard is right little brother.”
    “ Maybe he is afraid if we still live, we will take revenge for Liotta.”
    “ Little sister, we would if we had the power to. But now I fear he wishes to finish what he started.”
    “ That is my thoughts exactly. He knows not of me and Richard’s sons. Four of which are of age to properly fool anyone as being kings and lords. They would be happy to do anything asked of them by their fathers. I suggest we scout the mountains for caves or caverns we can go to until this is over.
    I will put Larkin in my place, and leave Erimic in the care of the nurse maids in Sorna. Richard , if you wish to do the same with Lydale, you may. I would tell your sons to use their mother’s maiden name of miller. I will instruct Larkin and Erimic to use their mother’s maiden name of Ardane. If the rest of you are in agreement with this plan say I.”Alexander receives three I’s. They have decided this in hopes that if it is Vestrel, and he finds no Diarwood or Sartan, he will leave Corsica be.
    A City Discovered
    Scouts begin scouring the edges of the mountains for months with no success. There does not seem to be any caves that can be accessed. A group of five rangers decide to go over the mountains, in hopes there is a hidden valley. They return to Sorna with good news. “Sire, we have found it, and a passage to the valley does exist, it is behind the water fall. The valley is large enough to build a city the size of Sorna.”
    “ Where is this valley?”
    “ The passage behind the water fall on the river leads a day and a half into the mountains. Then it opens into this great valley.”
    “ How far from Lemond is it?”
    “ From the eastern edge of Lemond, it is three fourths of a day.”
    “ Take this to Horst in Lemond, and on your way, tell Cuross I wish council with him at once.”
    “ Yes sire.”
    “ Tilmon, have your best rider take this message to Tyrene in Leon, then to Richard in Carlyle, and Guinavire in Vita. Tell him to avoid any creatures at all cost. This is of the utmost importance. I will have five hundred of my best guard escort him.”
    “ I will take it myself your heiness.”
    The piece of paper the page carries has a simple message.
    “It’s Time.”

    Chapter Six
    The Time Has Come
    “ Father, I do not understand why you must leave.”
    “ Larkin, it is not that I wish to. But, it may be the only way to save you and your brother’s lives. Now, what is your name?”
    “ I am Larkin Ardane, king of Corsica.”
    “ Good my son.”
    From out in the hall, a voice calls, “ Sire, your escort is ready.”
    “Thank you page. I must go Larkin. May Nartok be with you and your cousins that stand in your uncles and aunts places. We will return when it is safe.”
    “Safe from what father?”
    “My son, I cannot stress enough the less you know, the safer you are.”
    “I don’t understand father.”
    “You will my son, you will in due time.”Alexander did not dare explain the whole truth to his son. Richard was not anymore forth coming with his sons, as the fare well conversation went much the same way in Carlyle.
    Alexander’s escort was made up of fifteen hundred infantry and cavalry. They would only travel at night. The other three groups heading for the valley was made up of much the same type of travelers. They traveled with no flags, no crests, and no distinguishing markings. This was so that if spotted by any of the creatures, they would appear to be just another militia. Guinavire’s band looks like a band of druids. Vita was where all the clerics of Corsica and the grand mage, Guinavire's teacher resided.
    Tyrene and his group arrived to the valley first. Part of the pages escort was three of the five men that discovered the passage. One of these three men was the guides the royals would use to get to the valley. As soon as Tyrene arrived, he had his men begin excavation for the threshold. They began on the outer rim to create the foundation. They worked inward toward the center. This takes long enough that all four groups arrive. Three days after the fourth group arrives, there is a large rumble, and several screams. One of the workers runs into the royal tent. “Sire, come quickly, we have found something.”
    The Orb
    All four of the royals stand and start walking to the site. When they get close, they see that someone has already lowered a ladder into the hole that opened up. A few workers had gone down to check on the ones that fell when the ground opened up. One looks up at the royals, “Sire, there is something down here.”
    “You three stay here, I will go down.”
    Alexander goes down the ladder. When he reaches the bottom, he sees a large red and green glowing orb. All around the walls of this chamber is ancient writing. Alexander steps closer to the orb. A loud thundering voice fills the room.
    “Only he with a fearless mind and courageous heart my place his hand upon me and receive my great gifts.”
    Alexander calls up the ladder, “Guinavire, tell Maric and Ajihad we require their presence. I want a stair case built to this chamber and concealed with a statue of platinum in the center of the threshold. Make it so.”
    “Yes sire.”
    When Alexander reaches the top of the ladder, Tyrene and Richard look at him.“What is this brother?”
    “I do not know Tyrene. I hope to know soon.”
    The new valley city was completed in a year, and was named Larna in memory of Alexander’s deceased wife. As requested a spiral stair case was built leading to the orb chamber. Maric and Ajihad study the orb and the relics on the walls daily.“Maric, have you made any since of the writings?”
    “Well Ajihad, not all of the writing. I have been able to translate this much: “Only he with a fearless mind and courageous heart my place his hand upon me to receive my great gifts. These gifts are of abundant wealth and power. More wealth then any man of this land has ever seen, the power to be a warrior with unlimited abilities. Upon receiving my gifts the man’s” And that is all at this point. The words man, gifts, and power appear a few more times. And the last four words at the end I can translate is place, hand, upon, and me.”
    “Interesting, and we do not have enough letters to translate the rest.”
    “That is where the real interest is. I recognize the relics from a book my teacher Zandar had in his library back in Liotta. The relics are not letters. Each of the symbols is a whole word. But Zandar died in the early days of Vestrel’s takeover of Liotta, and I’m sure his library has long since been destroyed, along with all the books within it.”
    “This may be something we cannot accomplish Maric. We have been working on these writings for ten years now and still have no more translated than we did eight years ago. We should inform the king, and suggest this chamber be sealed. We would not want anyone to touch the orb that should not have such power of which it speaks.”
    “I agree Ajihad, but make a suggestion is all we can do. The king may not see it the same way, and may want us to continue to work on the translation.”
    The Truth
    Ten Years Later
    “Larkin, do you think the mysterious illness that our mothers fell victim too has anything to do with why are fathers and the others have left?”
    “No Malakie, but with the sudden uprising of the ogre, orcs, and the strange creatures that have joined forces with them. I think it also has something to do with their past.”
    “My lord, there is a man requesting to see you.”
    “He says he has information about the creatures fighting alongside the orcs and ogres.”
    “Send him in guard. Now we will get somewhere.”
    An elderly elven man enters the room. “My lord, my name is Zeff. I am a refugee from Liotta.”
    “Hello Zeff, I am Larkin Ardane, King of Corsica. This is Malikie, lord of Vita. We were told you know something about the strange creatures.”
    “Yes, the strange creatures are called urgals. Vestrel, ruler of Liotta, created them. He started with breading an ogre with an orc. Then he took their off spring and bread that with a human.”
    “So then what race is the most dominate?”
    “None and all three sire. They have the strength of the ogre, the blood thirst of the orc, and the intelligence of a human.”
    “How do you know so much about this so called super race?”
    “I was one of the men in charge of the project. I knew not of Vestrel's plan for this new race. I thought it was to help continue to control the orcs and ogres. But once I saw him load them onto ships and set sail for here, I was in disbelief. I escaped with the first chance I got.”
    At this Malikie puts a long sword to the man’s back. “How do we know you are not a spy for this Vestrel?”
    “Please my lord, I will tell you all I know. Please my lord, spare my life.”
    “I suggest you start talking before my short tempered human friend runs you thru Zeff.”
    “Vestrel needed a way to continuously control his army of ogres and orcs for his crusade. He has a personal goal to track down and eliminate any living member of two bloodlines. Anyone with Diarwood or Sartan blood in their veins is as good as dead my lord.”
    “Why is he set on eliminating these bloodlines?”
    “Because he feels he was betrayed by King Zarimec Diarwood when the king appointed Lord Farrel Sartan as king of the eastern lands. He knows the offspring of Zarimec and Farrel escaped Liotta. He is now sure that Corsica is where they have come to make a new life for themselves. He will not stop until he finds them.”
    “Thank you Zeff. Leave us now so that my friend and I may discuss this information you have given us. The kingdom of Corsica is indeed in debt to you. Please, take this to the Inn, and you will have room and board for the next week. Meals included.”
    “Thank you my lords. May Nartok be with you.”
    Larkin has his man at arms, Tannin, summoned to his throne room. And the discussion begins.“Well my dear cousin Malikie, we now know our parent’s secrets.”
    “Indeed, what is our plan now we cannot allow this Vestrel to take over Corsica as he did Liotta forty years ago now. Nor can we allow him to destroy our bloodlines.”
    “Well first, I tell our elders to stay where they are. Then by pigeon,” Alexander continues, I order your brothers to raise our true colors. Each of our cities has a military numbering in the hundreds of thousands. We have a greater army then any numbers of the groups of Vestrel’s creatures reported. This is a war we can win, and Corsica can survive.”
    “How do you plan to get word to the elders? We have no clue as to where they are. We have not even heard word from then in ten years.”
    “But my man at arms is one of the rangers that discovered the land for their refuge. He will take the message to them.”

    Dear Father,
    All is well, the creatures continue to wreak havoc in the villages and farms. But so far they have not approached any of the strongholds walls.
    I have been visited by an elven man from Liotta. I know your secret now Father. Vestrel is not going to stop until every Diarwood and Sartan is dead. You and the others stay where you are until the war is over. I will lead our soldiers in this war and we will be victorious.
    Life is a blessing
    Death is a glorious release
    Larkin A. Diarwood

    A Voice In The Night
    While the two magic users are holding their conference in the orb chamber, two brothers discuss other matters in the throne room.“The skies grow darker with carnage everyday brother.”
    “I know Tyrene. I fear for my sons, and Richard’s sons. More now that they have revealed there true identities and it is Vestrel leading this horrible crusade thru Corsica.”
    “Scouts report that all four palaces still stand. And that Vestrel’s army has not even approached their walls.”
    “Yes brother, but we know only of what our scouts report to us. We have not received word from Larkin since this war began.”
    “All is well brother. We would have received a message if one of the young lords had fallen on a battle field. You worry yourself to much, just like mother used too.”
    “I’m sure you are correct. I pray they are on the winning side of this war. I would hate to see another Liotta happen.”
    “Well brother, the evening is expiring, and I am tired. I am going to retire for the night. We will continue this in the morning.”
    “Tyrene, before you go, there is something I wish to confide in you.”
    “Of course brother, what is it?”
    “I have been hearing Larna calling to me. Requesting me to hold her. In my bed chambers, the halls, here even. Anytime I am alone. But I see her not. Am I losing my mind Tyrene?”
    “That I doubt brother. I think it is only that you miss her greatly. It was only a short three months we came here after her passing. You really had no time to properly morn. It is your heart playing tricks on your mind brother that is all.”
    “I do miss my dear Larna terribly. And I do still feel much sorrow in my heart. Maybe you are right little brother. I need to morn her, and all will be well.”
    “Get some sleep Alex. It will pass in time. Soon I hope for your sake. But it will pass. Besides, how could she want you to hold her anymore then you already do in your heart.”
    “Goodnight Tyrene. I will see you in the morning.”Tyrene retires to his bed chamber. Alexander is walking to his bed chamber when Maric and Ajihad catch up to him. The two magic users inform the king of their suggestion, and the dilemma they have that brought them to their conclusion. The king agrees that sealing the entrance to the orb chamber would be best. He makes plans to have it done first thing in the morning. He thanks his two friends for all their effort, and retires to his bed chamber for the night.
    A couple hours pass and Alexander is awaken by the sound of his bed chamber’s door slamming shut. He jumps to his feet and draws a long sword from its scabbard that hangs on the foot post of his bed.
    “Who enters my chambers at such an hour and with such urgency.”The king lights a candle on the bed side table and begins to scan the empty room. There is no one but him in the room. He puts the sword back in its place and walks back to edge of the bed. Then a faint voice comes from the doorway, “Alex, come to me please. I am alone and it is dark.” He spins so quickly that it blows the candle out. There is no one in the room with him still. Then again the voice calls, sounding as though it is coming from the hall outside of his chamber now, “Alex, I need you, come to me please my love.” He goes towards his door, and the voice says, “I’m here Alex.” He exits the bed chamber and turns down the hall.
    A guard outside his door seeing his king walking down the hall in his sleeping attire calls to him. The king makes no indication that he heard the guard and he does not respond to the guards call. The guard begins to follow his king in concern.
    Again the voice speaks to Alexander, “Down here Alex.” The king descends down the stairs to the grand parlor. “Here Alex, behind you,” The voice speaks. The king turns around toward the voice. There at the end of a hall that the stair case to the threshold is, an image of Larna stands at the top of the stairs. “Come to me Alex.” And the image reaches towards the king. “Larna, how are you…..” she turns and goes down the stairs. “No, wait!” Alexander calls after her as he runs to the stairs. The image of Larna leads the king to the orb chamber. In place of where the orb should be is the image of Larna.
    “How can this be, I placed your head stone myself. And now you stand before me? It cannot be!”
    “ I am here Alex, see.” She tosses a gold coin to him. There are only two like it in all of Kios. They were forged by his own hand when he was studying gold smithing as a young prince. The coin thuds in his hand, and feels very real. The elderly elven king looks at it in disbelief.
    “What trickery is this!”
    From the stairwell comes a faint voice.
    “Hold me Alex, and we can be together here forever.”
    “Oh Larna.” He takes her hand. A blinding light and a thunderous clap echoes thru all of Corsica. Blinded and deafened the king falls as Tyrene turns the corner at the bottom of the stairs.
    “BROTHER, NO!” He too is blinded by the light and deafened by the clap of thunder and falls to the ground.
    Tyrene makes it to his feet and the ringing in his ears finally subsides as Maric and four of the royal guard arrives in the chamber.“What in the name of Nartok was that?”
    “I do not know Maric. For now we need to get my brother to his bed chamber.”Alexander is still lying lifelessly on the floor of the chamber. Tyrene and one of the guards carry the king to his bed chamber. Richard is standing in the hall outside the king’s room.
    “Tyrene, what has happened to Alex?”
    “What ever the orb did to him.”
    “The orb?”
    “Yes, I reached the door of the orb chamber when he wrapped his arms around the blasted thing, then….BOOM, and I woke up a short time later. Alex was laying on the floor lifelessly.”
    “Is he alive?”
    “Yes, but he is not awake or asleep. It’s as if he is asleep with his eyes wide open.”
    The king remains in this awkward state for three full nights. At midnight of the fourth night, the king sets up in bed and lets out a cry that echoes thru every corner of the palace. The cry is so loud, it awakes everyone in the palace as if he were standing next to their bed. His cry is of only one word.
    “LARNA!” Tyrene jumps to his feet and runs to the kings bed side. He has slept on a cot in Alexander’s chamber since the night he found his brother on the floor of the orb chamber.
    “Brother, I am here.”
    “Where is she Tyrene, where is my Larna.”
    “Alex, Larna has been gone months now. You placed her headstone yourself brother, she is no longer with us.”
    “No, no, she was here. She was in the orb chamber. I held her in my arms.”
    “Brother, you held the orb and then went to the floor.”As Tyrene tells the king of the accounts of the last four days, and tells him of the massive storm that has raged until moments before he let out his cry, Alexander is scanning the room.
    “Tyrene, what time of day is it? There is a cool night breeze coming thru my window, but it is mid day out my window.”
    “It is midnight Alex. It is as dark as coal.”
    “No brother, it is a bright sunny day. I can see the guard on the wall, and birds perched upon the keels of the wall. And the snow covered peaks of the mountains.”
    “Speaking of the mountains, there is something you must see in the morning.”
    “Why must we wait till morning, it is mid day now.”
    Alexander got to his feet as though nothing had happened. He never lights a lamp or candle and fades into the darkness at the far side of the room. When he reappears, Tyrene has lit the candle on the bedside table. Alexander is fully dressed, and he bends and blows out the candle.
    “You don’t need that at this time of day Tyrene. Do not waste the wax. Now come, and show me what it is you speak of.”
    “Alex, how did you see to do all this, it is midnight, yet you move thru your chamber as if you could see clearly.”
    “Quit with the antics Tyrene. Now take me to what you say I must see.”
    The king walks out of the bed chamber and waits for his brother.
    “Very well brother, we must go outside the palace walls for you to see it. Though, I know not how you will in the dark of night.”
    “Enough already Tyrene, let’s go and see this.”
    The two brothers walk out of the palace and into the court yard. Alexander looks across the valley and is struck by a wondrous site.
    “What is this Tyrene. What magic can make mountains made of methral appear as glass and allow me to see what used to be the forests around Harris and the once green pains that now appear black as coal laying on the ground. What trickery is this?”
    “It is no trickery, you are seeing what you speak of. According to our scouts, you cannot see into the valley from outside the valley. You can only see thru the mountains from this side of the mountains. But brother, how are you seeing it at all, it is midnight, but yet you see what I see in the middle of the day.”
    “Will you quit with the games Tyrene. Now, I must see this wonder for myself Tyrene, take me out of the valley so I may see this.”
    Tyrene and Alexander ride to the passage thru the mountains. When they reach the passage Tyrene goes into the cave with ease. When Alexander attempts to enter the passage, it is as if he walks into a wall of stone.
    “Tyrene, I cannot pass, the entrance is there, but I cannot pass.”
    Tyrene comes back thru the passage. “We should consult Maric and Ajihad of this matter.”
    The brothers return to the palace and seek council with the magic users. After they explained all that has occurred since Alexander awakened from his trance Maric is the first to speak “Of course!”
    “Maric, what is it, please share your revelation.”
    “My lord, Zandar, my teacher, used to speak of a cursed orb. It was an orb of servitude. It gives a man abundant wealth and powers such as the relics speak of, and that Alexander now seems to posses. But it comes with a great price of sacrifice. Eternal servitude.”
    “What do you mean by Eternal Maric?”
    “Ajihad, I wish I knew. It must be in the rest of the writings.”
    “Then we have work to do my friend.”
    The two of them head to the orb chamber. The three are finally able to convince Alexander it is the middle of the night and he retires to his bed chamber. When the king awakes, he orders a fourth of his new wealth be loaded into wagons and taken to his son in Sorna. Twenty wagons are loaded and start out of the valley to go to Sorna with their treasure.
    Sacrifice of Return
    A day after this caravan for Sorna leaves, a group of rangers returning from patrol report to Cuross, the man at arms, they have found twenty empty wagons setting in the passage. There is no sign of drivers, horses, or any life. Cuross reports this news to the king, who is immediately alarmed by this. He heads directly to the orb chamber.“Maric, do you know the rest of what the relics say?”
    “No, nothing more my lord, has something else happened?”
    “Yes, and I want answers now.”
    Alexander turns to the orb, and begins to speak directly to it.
    “What trickery is this? Speak, I know you can, if you can give me continues sight as though the sun never sets, come to me as an image of my dear Larna, and make the mountains turn to glass, then you can speak.”
    Suddenly in front of everyone in the chamber, the orb is transforms into the image of Larna once again. All in the chamber can see this, and they all freeze in amazement.
    “What would you like me to tell you Alexander?”
    “I cannot leave this valley, nor can I seem to send any of my treasure to my son in Sorna, why is this so?”
    “It is the sacrifice you have made for the gifts I have given to you. None of MY treasures nor the man that possess MY gifts may leave this valley. But for this sacrifice, the other gifts are that no one in the valley will ever show aging and will live much longer then they would otherwise.”
    “What good is the wealth if it cannot be shared with the rest of my kingdom? What good is my power if I may never use them on a battle field? You have cursed me to a prison in the walls of this valley from which all I can do is watch as my kingdom is burned and destroyed by Vestrel and his army of creatures.”
    “If you feel that this sacrifice is to great, I can take my gifts back.”
    “Yes, take these gifts back, end this treachery at once orb.”
    “This may come at an even greater sacrifice Alexander. Are you sure you wish to return my gifts, no matter the outcome?”
    “I am sure, what could be worse than never being able to return to my home of Sorna.”
    “Very well Alexander. Place your hand in mine, and I will take back all the wealth, all the power, the mountains will return to the walls of cold solid methral.”Alexander places his hand into the image of Larna’s hand. There is no blinding light, no clap of thunder as before when the gifts were given. Instead, only silence, and everything turns to darkness.
    The king and everyone within the valley are now cursed to spend eternity as undead protectors of the orb. They may only walk at night. By day they are merely a skeletal form laying lifelessly on the ground.
    The king can now never be by the side of his precious Larna. He will never ascend. His soul is condemned to this valley until his bones are burned by Greek fire and laid to rest. He will never know his grandchildren or that his legacy will live on. Richard too will miss all the spoils of life because of this curse. Tyrene and Guinavire will never know that upon their return from this now lost city, Alexander was going to give his blessing in his father’s name for the two star crossed lovers to wed.

    Scroll of Larna
    (Fully Translated)
    Only he with a fearless mind and courageous heart may place his hand upon me to receive my gifts. These gifts are of abundant wealth and power. More wealth then any one man of this land has ever laid eyes upon. The man will be a warrior with power of unknown limitations.
    Upon receiving my gifts, the man’s city within these mountains will become impenetrable. The mountains will transform from their cold, solid methralic appearance to walls of glass, permitting the possessor of my gifts to see the lands outside these mountains all the way to the seas that surrounds all of the land in Liotta. Only those within the valley can see thru the mountains, and the city will remain hidden. With the power granted to this man, he can control the weather of these lands and all the creatures that may walk upon it to defeat approaching and apposing foes. With these gifts there is sacrifice.
    None of the wealth bestrode upon this man shall leave this valley. The man attempting to leave this valley in possession of even the smallest gem of my treasure shall perish before he sees the end of the passage from this valley. The man who receives my gifts is my

    The time is near to destroy all enemies of the coven
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